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Element Periodic Performance

Element Periodic Performance

Product Details

Features: This product includes 83 individual element samples containing the periodic table. Some elements are excluded due to their rarity and radioactivity
This is the ideal gift for science lovers. Get the periodic table display effect immediately and easy to learn and practical!
Specifications: Thallium and Pro are excluded due to their rarity and radioactivity. Elements 84 (Pol) to 118 (Oganesson) are also excluded.
Material: High-transmittance A-grade crystal acrylic / high- transmittance crystal / crystal glass / acrylic

Each version contains 83 separate element samples (element samples are provided by the purchaser. Our factory is responsible for the process embedded in the crystal glue acrylic, but also

The whole set is provided by our factory, and all requirements and costs are determined according to the negotiation between the two parties)

The version contains pure bubbles of gaseous elements (xenon, krypton, argon, neon, helium, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen).
Safe handling and storage is very suitable for display, display, and commemorative learning display cards on desks, office tables, etc.

Product size: mainly 150X114X20MM, any other size can be customized at will, customized at will

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