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Acrylic Flower Rack

Acrylic Flower Rack

Product Details


1, with crystal-like transparency, transmittance in more than 92%, soft light, clear vision, with dye coloring acrylic and has a good color display effect.

2, acrylic plate has excellent weatherability, high surface hardness and surface luster, as well as good high temperature performance.

3, acrylic board has a good processing performance, both can be used thermoforming, can also be used in the way of machining.

4, transparent acrylic plate with glass can be compared with the transmittance, but the density of only half of the glass. In addition, it is not as fragile as glass, and even if destroyed, it will not form sharp fragments like glass.

5, acrylic plate wear resistance and aluminum proximity, good stability, resistant to a variety of chemical corrosion.

6, acrylic board has a good printability and spraying, the use of appropriate printing and spraying technology, acrylic products can be given the ideal surface decoration effect.

7, flammability: do not spontaneous combustion but belong to flammable products, do not have self-extinguishing.



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