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Acrylic Product Display

Acrylic Product Display

Product Details

Acrylic display stand features:
1.Acrylic has good plasticity, it is easier to shape the effect we want than other materials, the shape can be more diverse, the whole is more artistic and beautiful, and the texture will be better, which provides a wide space for the personalized design of the product.
2. Acrylic display rack is more environmentally friendly than wooden display rack. Because acrylic materials are non-polluting and recyclable, and can be reused. From this point of view, although wooden display racks also have a good texture, from the perspective of non-renewable energy sources, wooden display racks have a long material cycle, low reuse rate, and cost expensive.
3 .. Acrylic has a wide range of colors. Acrylic sheet not only has many colors to choose from, but also has the characteristics of easy coloring. It can easily print various types of patterns and logos on it. Compared with pure transparent display racks, sometimes colored display racks can better display products and improve product grade.
4.Acrylic density is small. Compared with glass, acrylic density is only about half of it. The attendant advantages are that the quality of the product is lighter and it is not easy to break.
5. Low order quantity. Compared with other plastic product display frames, acrylic display frames are generally made of bonded boards, so the order quantity is lower, and there is no need to pay high mold costs.



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