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Electronic cigarette makeup headset display stand

Electronic cigarette makeup headset display stand

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Acrylic display frame mechanical polishing is a polishing method that removes the polished convex portion by plastic deformation on the surface of the material to obtain a smooth surface. Generally, oil stone strips, wool wheels, sandpaper, etc. are used, which are mainly manual operations, and special parts such as rotary For the surface of the body, an auxiliary tool such as a turntable can be used, and a method of super-fine polishing can be used with a high surface quality requirement. Ultra-fine grinding and polishing is a special grinding tool. In the working fluid containing abrasive, it is pressed on the machined surface to make high-speed rotary motion. With this technology, the surface roughness of Ra0.008μm can be achieved. The highest method in the method, optical lens molds, often use this method.



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