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Acrylic Furniture Supplies

Acrylic Furniture Supplies

Product Details

Colored transparent plexiglass: Commonly known as color board. The light transmittance is soft, and the light box and handicraft made of it make people feel comfortable and generous.

Colored plexiglass score: transparent colored, translucent colored, opaque colored three kinds. Magnetic plexiglass luster is not as bright as pearlescent plexiglass, crisp, easy to break, suitable for making dials, boxes, medical devices and characters, animal modeling materials. Transparent plexiglass: High transparency, suitable for lighting. With it made of chandeliers, exquisite, crystal clear. Translucent Plexiglass is similar to frosted glass, soft reflection, with the handicraft made of it, make people feel comfortable and generous. Colorless transparent organic chandelier, exquisite, crystal clear.

Pearlescent plexiglass: Is in the general plexiglass to add pearlescent powder or phosphor into. This type of plexiglass bright color, high surface finish, the outside form through the mold hot pressing, even if the grinding polishing, still maintain the molded pattern, forming the artistic effect of the unique object. It can be used to make characters, animal shapes, trademarks, decorations and promotional exhibition materials.

Embossing plexiglass: Transparent, translucent colorless, brittle, easy to break, suitable for production.



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