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Acrylic embedded crafts

Acrylic embedded crafts

Product Details

Crystal Epoxy is a solvent-free liquid epoxy resin system which can be cured at room temperature or medium temperature. It has excellent transparency and high surface gloss after curing. It has good electrical properties and elasticity. It can be restored to its original shape when it is lightly scratched. It is waterproof, moisture-proof and resistant. Chemical corrosion, excellent color stability, reasonable formula makes it excellent in UV resistance and non-yellowing.  It can be dyed by adding our CP series transparent color paste.

Uses: Soft rubber is suitable for surface coating of nameplates, signs, trademarks, CALL machine panels, acrylic crafts, etc.; decorative labels for polyester, plastic, paper, etc.; hard rubber for transparent infusion of electronic components; solar cell surface packaging; Surface coating of plates, metal signs, badges, badges, button crafts, etc.; transparent bonding of glass, crystal products, acrylic, hand ornaments, pearl beads, etc.; highly transparent after hardening, smooth surface and high hardness.  Can also make a variety of crystal buttons, crystal bottle caps, crystal combs, crystal crafts, resin handles, crystal water and so on.



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