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Square crystal glue

Square crystal glue

Product Details

Because of the special nature of crystal, crystal has always been an excellent material for people to make various craft ornaments.  A variety of crystal craft jewelry has our well-known crystal necklace, crystal bracelet, crystal pendant, crystal bracelet, crystal mobile phone pendant and so on.  Nowadays, people use the advanced crystal making process to make common handicrafts such as crystal images, crystal trophies, crystal engravings, crystal medals, crystal perfume bottles and so on.

The crystal engraving is a crystal processing process in which a laser of a certain wavelength is driven into the crystal inside to make a specific part of the crystal burst into a bubble, thereby defining a preset shape, and also refers to the process. Processed crystal crafts.

The crystal color picture production process uses two important materials, such as film 1, film 2, and glue. The quality of the two materials directly affects the quality of the image.



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