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  • Acrylic Chair

    Acrylic ChairAcrylic (acrylic), commonly treated with special treatment of plexiglass. Acrylic research and development, has been more than more than 100 Contact Now

  • Transparent acrylic square small coffee table

    Transparent acrylic square small coffee tableProcess characteristics 1, polymethyl methacrylate contains polar lateral methyl, with a more obvious moisture absorption, water absorption Contact Now

  • Acrylic Furniture Supplies

    Acrylic Furniture SuppliesColored transparent plexiglass: Commonly known as color board. The light transmittance is soft, and the light box and handicraft made of i Contact Now

  • Acrylic sofa

    Acrylic sofaFeatures 1. Hardness hardness is one of the parameters that can best reflect the production technology and technology of pouring acrylic pla Contact Now

  • Acrylic Flower Rack

    Acrylic Flower RackFeatures 1, with crystal-like transparency, transmittance of more than 92%, soft light, clear vision, with dye coloring acrylic and has a go Contact Now

  • Acrylic coffee Table

    Acrylic coffee TableThis product uses acrylic material, simple shape, overall simple and generous, full contour, long application life. Features: The whole Contact Now

  • Double Acrylic Xuan Guan Terrace

    Double Acrylic Xuan Guan TerraceThis product uses acrylic material and wood combination, novel design, simple and generous shape, full of elegant atmosphere. Features: The Contact Now

  • Acrylic Display Cabinets

    Acrylic Display CabinetsAcrylic material is the production of many products materials, acrylic display supplies are very useful to do acrylic furniture, acrylic dis Contact Now

  • Alec Pastry Display Rack

    Alec Pastry Display Rackapplication area 1, Building Applications: window, soundproof doors and windows, lighting covers, telephone booths and so on. 2, Advertising Contact Now

  • Multilayer Acrylic Flower Box

    Multilayer Acrylic Flower BoxAcrylic has crystal-like transparency, transmittance of more than 92%, similar to glass, soft light, clear vision, but it is not as fragile Contact Now

  • Cutlery

    Cutlery The appearance of the knife and fork is much later than the chopsticks. According to Professor Xiu Xiling's research, t Contact Now

  • Desktop photo frame

    Desktop photo frame Crystal Photo Frame: (Crystal Photo Frame), similar to a square, with internal buckles, just put the usual photos in the blanks. Contact Now

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