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What transportation method is better for acrylic display rack?
- 2020-01-14-

Acrylic display racks have many advantages that cannot be replaced by wooden and metal display racks, such as light weight, multiple appearance processing methods, good color spreading, and so on. Many customers prefer to use acrylic to customize display stands for their products, but they often overlook the shipping elements. Compared with other materials, acrylic is more fragile, especially in land-based transportation, bumps in transportation and violent disassembly during transportation may cause damage to the display rack.

Exporting abroad, it is naturally shipping. Although sea transportation is slow, it is more stable than truck transportation. Acrylic is not afraid of humid air, but can not bear collision. Although we have taken into account the various conditions that may be encountered during shipping, there are still some damages when they are completely closed. Therefore, a common practice is to courier more sets of display racks to customers each time they are shipped. This is to compensate for the loss during the journey. Don't compare with the customer's receipt of the goods complaint and then compensate.

In China, trucks are common. After the manufacture of acrylic display racks is completed, we will contact the shipping company to deliver the goods to the location specified by the customer. Sometimes, we will face some display racks that are easy to be damaged during the transportation. At one time, a U-shaped pillow display rack we made was similar to the plan of a hollow cylinder. Such a structure is very easy to be damaged. So we advocate that customers mail a part of the U-shaped pillow to our company. The stuffing is placed inside the shelf to cushion the pressure. The display racks reached their destination safely. Therefore, there are not only methods for selecting acrylic display racks. It is important to choose suitable lines and do compression packaging.

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