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How to choose the right acrylic printing method
- 2018-10-10-

From the initial printing of fonts and the simple printing of lines to the simple ink printing behind it, it has long been unable to satisfy people's growing demand. What people need is more and more clear pictures, and the more obvious printing methods, especially the products such as acrylic. (Acrylic field billboards, acrylic table cards, acrylic light boxes, etc.) put forward higher requirements for the printing of products. So faced with a variety of printing processes, how to choose a suitable printing method for your own products is a headache. Combined with the printing process of Shenzhen Jinmei Craft Products Co., Ltd., we will answer for you and hope to help us.

Silk screen printing: that is, screen printing. Under the pressure effect of the net brush, the ink passes through the screen, so that the acrylic surface is printed with the same picture as the screen. Its operation is simple and fast, and the price is cheap. Common in printing LOGO and other scenes.

UV printing: A printing method that cures ink by ultraviolet light without discoloration and scratch resistance. However, after printing, the acrylic sheet can not be bent, and it is often used for some things that do not require high precision on the product, such as some acrylic billboards and acrylic water bottles.

Digital printing: spraying a layer of oil film on the acrylic plate, the printing skill is very high precision, the acrylic plate can be bent freely, but it is easy to scratch and not resistant to high temperature. Common on some acrylic billboards.

I believe that through the above understanding, we have found a suitable printing method. We have been in the acrylic profession for 20 years. The printing method has also followed the requirements of the mall and constantly improved, striving to be satisfied with each household. It is required that we will stick to this sentiment in the future, and we will go higher together and go further.



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