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Advantages and uses of acrylic storage boxes
- 2018-10-10 -

What is an acrylic storage box:

Acrylic box for storing cosmetics, needlework, jewelry, etc.; Acrylic storage box should be classified as a household goods profession, because of its crystal clear, high-end and generous, many girls like to store cosmetics, needlework, jewelry in the living room Jewelry, etc.

Why is the acrylic storage box good:

Acrylic storage boxes are not only beautiful but also very advanced. Our customary acrylic storage box is to use a thick 5mm clear acrylic plate in the outer frame and a 3mm thick acrylic plate in the inner drawer, so that the whole structure is more robust. For the appearance of the treatment, we can use 45-degree angle stitching, then round the corners to ensure that no hand is scratched and no burrs. It is also possible to use hot-bending forming of abrasive tools, and such products are more advanced. You can print pictures and flowers on the acrylic storage box, the color can be customized, the extraordinary acrylic storage box manufacturers,

Picture printing processes include: silk screen, laser, UV color printing, bronzing and so on.

Acrylic storage box for other uses:

Acrylic storage box, single layer can be equipped with sunglasses, multi-layer can be used as jewelry box, acrylic storage box can be placed in the closet for underwear storage, acrylic storage box can be placed in the living room to accommodate remote control, tea and other small items. That is, it can be dustproof and can be placed regularly. Zhengzhou extraordinary acrylic storage box styles, support to map custom samples; can be printed on the acrylic storage box logo, acrylic storage box size can be processed according to customer requirements.

Why is the acrylic storage box so popular:

(1) Acrylic storage box is not only beautiful but also high-end and durable.

(2) Acrylic storage box is light in texture. Acrylic density is only half of that of ordinary glass, and it is not easy to break, so it is very convenient and safe to use.

(3) Acrylic storage box is rich in shape and very beautiful; it can also be customized according to the needs of users to meet the individual needs of users.



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