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Wooden bookshelf

Wooden bookshelf

Product Details

Hardware traditional hardware products, also known as "small hardware." It refers to various metal parts made of metal such as iron, steel and aluminum by physical processing such as forging, calendering and cutting. Such as hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware and security supplies. Small hardware products are not the final consumer goods.

Maintenance 1, keep the hardware accessories clean, inadvertently cause water stains on the surface after use, etc. should be wiped dry after use, often keep the surface clean and dry. 2, can not put high temperature tea cups or other high temperature items directly on the furniture hardware accessories (glass, stainless steel, metal handles, etc.), should use tripods, insulation pads, etc., to avoid surface discoloration or foaming. 3, do not use sharp, hard objects to scratch the surface, apply a wet cloth scrub or wet cloth with neutral detergent or detergent treatment, after the dry water should be applied. 4, should not use hard objects to hit or use sharp tools to scratch the surface of hardware accessories, to avoid contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, salt and other traits. 5, the surface has serious stains or scratches, fireworks and burns can be lightly ground with fine sandpaper (400-500), and then scrubbed with a scouring pad. 6, metal rails, hinges, hinges, etc. should be regularly lubricated to maintain bright lubrication.

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