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PU makeup mirror display stand

PU makeup mirror display stand

Product Details

In addition to the aesthetic display, the cosmetic display stand also has certain requirements on the functional aspects. For example, the lipstick display stand needs to be matched with a mirror to facilitate the customer to apply, and a small storage box or drawer for removing the cotton towel to be used for cleaning the makeup at any time. The foundation display stand needs lighting, etc.

Personalized demand comes from providing better and better service to consumers. Obviously, mass-produced acrylic display stands can not meet the individual needs of enterprises.

Different material display stands will give people different associations. Acrylic gives people a "fashion" "high-end" "elegant" association, metal gives people "cold" "literary art" "style" Lenovo, wood gives people "health "Original ecology" "taste" Lenovo, to match the corporate phenomenon to choose.

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