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Acrylic furniture
Crystal / crystal glue custom
Periodic table acrylic
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Provide commercial terminal display personalized customization service
Provide business terminal display personalized service
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Integrity and quality
Jinmei Craft Products Ordering Process
  • Production requirements
  • product requirement
  • Sample making
  • Sample confirmed
  • signing the contract
  • Pay deposit
  • Order production
  • Goods
  • Inspection and inspection
  • Pay the balance
Company style
Jinmei boutique creative design gives you unexpected surprises
Four advantages of Jinmei craft products
Kim Mei crafts 4 major advantages
A diversified enterprise integrating creative planning, design, development, production, production and installation services.
Brand advantage, tailor-made
Brand advantage and tailor made
  • We customize according to the product drawings and samples provided by customers.
  • You can also combine your corporate image and product use to customize your design.Design, proofing, production, transportation, and one-stop service
Experienced design team and thoughtful after-sales service
The design team has rich experience and good after-sales service
  • Production industry popularity, professional technical training must be carried out before the job, only after passing the job,
  • And regularly strengthen training for special processes to improve the technical and production capabilities of employees
Excellent quality and strict management
Excellent quality and strict management
  • Our company has been committed to product cost control, from acrylic raw materials, packaging materials, product accessories, etc. have a person responsible for the assessment and rating of each supplier every year,
  • With excellent quality, reasonable price, delivery speed, and supply capacity as the benchmarks, we have established long-term cooperation with many suppliers ...
General taxpayer, own import and export right
The general taxpayer has the right to import and export
  • The company increased from a dozen to several hundred people from 2004 to 2014, and the area expanded from several hundred square meters to more than ten thousand square meters. The company has a strong registered capital of one million.
  • It is the general taxpayer that can issue a special 17% VAT invoice, has its own import and export authority, and the company's products are produced and sold by itself.
Jinmei Cooperation Brands
Jinmei Craft
Kingmei Craft - Focus on Acrylic + Wood + Hardware Exhibition
Focus on acrylic and wood and Hardware Exhibition
Shenzhen Kingmei Craft Products Co., Ltd. is a diversified enterprise integrating creative planning, design, development, production, production and installation services. The company now has 8,000 square meters of integrated workshops and more than 2,000 square meters of office space. Skilled in operating 300 employees. At the same time, it has fully introduced Taiwan's complete sets of processing equipment and Taiwan's technical consultants. It is currently the production base of professional display and display products with the strongest comprehensive strength in acrylic, crystal, hardware, wood and electronic.
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Shenzhen Jinmei Craft Products Co., Ltd.

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Crystal glue gifts, Crystal glue
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common problem
In actual operation, acrylic products are not only very practical, but also very ornamental, so many businesses will use acrylic products to display their products.
Acrylic is a better new material that can make sanitary ware after ceramics.
In modern society, more and more acrylic crafts have gradually replaced steel and glass products.


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